In my search for information about the ruby slippers - I read the book, The Ruby Slippers of Oz by Rhys Thomas, which is in my opinion is an indispensable behind the scenes look at old Hollywood,  he wrote of a man in North Carolina that made ruby slipper replicas and sold them to other Oz fans. 

This is where I got my first idea to make my own pair of shoes (they were AWFUL!)   When my ruby slipper page was up and running - and when I started getting e-mail from people - and we started trading pictures of each others shoes, well, it just grew from there to be The Ruby Slipper Fan Club.  It seemed that there were so many people doing the same thing, looking for shoes, making shoes that I thought, WHY NOT!   Just like the lady that overlooks this page - we just HAD to have those ruby slippers!

Listed below are some of my cyber friends, and their shoes and/or related information.