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An interesting thing happened when I set up a small page on my "Judy Garland - The Live Performances!" web site. I had one single page devoted to the ruby slippers and my fascination with them.  I was shocked at the number of other people that were as curious and interested in the Holy Grail of movie memorabilia as I was!  For the longest time, I felt like I was alone, but when I set up that original page, I found things to be quite different.  It amazed me that there were so many others with 'Slipper Fever,' as I like to call it, out there all around the globe. That single page grew to be a web site of it's own - the one that you are visiting now.  There are separate pages that have pictures of all the existing authentic ruby slippers with detailed descriptions - as well as numerous pages that have images of fans personal shoes and Ozzy artwork.  Almost all of the information regarding the authentic ruby slippers was found in the book, "The Ruby Slippers of Oz," by Rhys Thomas.

As the Ruby Slipper Fan Club Leader, I'm open to suggestions from other members as to how we should proceed on the List. The List is always open to topics of conversation relating to primarily the ruby slippers and anything to do with the 1939 M-G-M classic motion picture, The Wizard of Oz.  We can also discuss where and when the latest collectibles can be found - and what everyone thinks about it.  If you have any questions about the movie, there'll be plenty of people here that can answer it for you as well.  If you have the courage you can pour your heart out and tell us what your brain conjures up as to what Oz means to you.

For any parents that are considering letting your child join, the List is moderated, as it is open to all age groups - and everyone should keep that in mind when posting. "Jimminy Cricket" or "Curses, CURSES!" is about as foul as the language is allowed to get around here.

As a member of the club if you have your own pair of ruby slippers, ruby slipper or Oz artwork, an essay or anything associated with the film that you'd like to share with the rest of the world, send me your pictures, your scans, your words, and I'll set up a web page right here on this site for everyone to see.   We'd love to have you along - so why not join us on our journey down our own little yellow brick road!


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