Photo courtesy of John Henson

Photo courtesty of a fan of the site

The Witches Shoes
Shoe Size: 5B
Shoe Construction: Red silk faille, covered with hand sequined georgette and lined in white kid leather.  Inside the right shoe is a gold embossed cloth label, reading "Innes Shoe Co., Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pasadena."  Hand written in black ink in block letters are "#7 Judy Garland."
Manufacturers Production #: (Right shoe) X 68 02, 5B D 536
Bows: The bows are covered with rhinestones, surrounding bugle beads and three large red rectangular stones on each one, the actual number of each is unknown.  The bow itself is cut out of strap leather, 1/8" thick and dyed red.
Soles: The soles are painted red.  There are rubber caps on each heel that are painted red.  It is not known whether or not Kent Warner touched up these shoes.  The red paint on the heel cap is still red and not faded, unlike other known authentic pairs - the general condition seems to be much better than all other pairs.
Where in the movie? According to the book TRSoOz, author Rhys Thomas believes that this pair of shoes may have been used for close-up shots.  Possibly even the climactic 'tapping of the heels together' scene.
Where did they come from? This pair of ruby slippers were obtained by Kent Warner for his own personal use after he found them while 'setting up' merchandise for the MGM yardsale/auction of 1970.  Kent had been informed to destroy all but one pair of the slippers and rather than see the shoes destroyed, he saved this pair for his own personal use.  This pair is smaller than the others, and do not have felt on the bottom of the soles.  Warner sold the shoes in October 1981 at a Christies East auction for $12,000.00 to an unknown buyer. Then on August 9, 1988 in a privately arranged auction the shoes were purchased by Philip Samuels of St Louis for $165,000.00, less than two months after Anthony Landini purchased his pair. 
Miscellaneous Notes: * I personally believe these to be the shoes found on the witches feet while sticking out from under the house in Munchkinland.  This would explain them not having orange felt on the bottoms.  While we can't exactly see the bottoms of the shoes, the orange felt would have a much greater chance of being seen (glaring on the film) in that position.